H Attramadal
Prof. Håvard Attramadal, MD, PhD, FAHA

PhD (medical biochemistry) from University of Oslo 1989. Thereafter, 4 year postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Robert J. Lefkowitz (Nobel Laureate in 2012) at Duke University/Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute, North Carolina, USA, working on the receptor biology of G Protein-Coupled Receptors, including identification and characterization of beta-arrestins.


Prof. Attramadal leads a research group that for last 15 years has been focusing on CCN proteins, in particular CCN2/CTGF (“Connective Tissue Growth Factor”), its mechanisms of action, biological functions, and involvement in disease mechanisms. Prof. Attramadal is currently the Director of Institute for Surgical Research, Oslo University Hospital and a member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the International CCN Society. Dr. Attramadal is a co-founder of Tribune Therapeutics.